Tacx Trainer lost resistance


I’ve had a Tacx Smart trainer for a couple of months now , everything was fine in the beginning.
A couple of weeks ago I lost resistance while riding, didn’t think much of it and finished my ride, same happened the following day.
I though it was the bluetooth connection via the IMac I was using, so I bought a ANT+ receiver and had a couple of rides that were fine, then the resistance dropped off again.

I’ve now tried IMac, Windows 10 laptop, IPad and Andriod phone either via Bluetooth or Ant and the same thing happens - the controller , speed and cadence all connect fine, but I don’t have resistance.

Help would be really appreciated.
Thanks in Advance

Hi @Tommy_Ingram, welcome to the forums.

Have you tried connecting the trainer to the tacx app to look for firmware updates or calibration? I’m wondering if it will connect to other devices or apps and work as normal, to see if this problem is within Zwift only.

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