Stop pedaling and wheel stop cause a lost of the trainer resistance control

I have a Tacx Genius Smart and a win10 PC.
When I stop pedaling and let the wheel stops, I lost the cadence reading and the control of the trainer resistance. I mean, when I start to pedal again, the 2 above are lost. Sometimes I have to completely shut down Zwift, sometimes it is enough to open the pairing window and restart pedaling. All the sensors are still connected but, without one of the 2 operations reported above, cadence and resistance control are gone.

I use BT native connection. I don’t have ANT+ dongle and with Companion App on Android I cannot control the resitance at all.

Any idea about what can be the cause?
Yesterday I failed the Tour of Watopia starting @18.00 because I stop pedaling just one minute before the start.


Good morning,

Do you have anything other than the trainer and cadence sensor connected to the computer. It sound like something is trying to connect as soon as the trainer stop broadcasting.

You can go into the windows Bluetooth settings and “forget” all other connections.

My long term solution would be to get a Ant+ dongle.

I have only the Heart rate and the trainer. The trainer is providing power, cadence and resistance control as 3 different “sensors”. All of them are shown always as connected.
Actually, the trainer continue to broadcast infact if I start pedal I can still see the power measured. But resistance and cadence are zero.

I understand Ant+ is maxbe more reliable and bug free, but I have always use BT with other software to control my trainer without any issue via tabler or pc.
But I will go for your suggestion if I cannot find a solution.