Resistance problem with my Flux 2 Tacx when on Zwift

Hi everyone,

Resistance is changing 1 race on 3 when I use Zwift with my Flux 2 on a Mac. Most of the time resistance didn’t change. I tried with the Tacx application and Sufferfest to see if trainer problem or Zwift problem, and other application works perfectly.

Any suggestion?

I am on ERG mode
I bought the ANT to try to solve the problem, nothing change.

+1. I have the same problem. Brand new Flux 2 latest FW. Everything is fine in other apps but it seems to not be that controlable when riding in zwift.


Did you pair it as controllable FE-C and as a power source.

Yes. It does apply some resistance but it seems to stop during a hill and then it seems to fluctuate a lot. During my last ride it began to apply resistance on downhill

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Same here, latest firmware. no resistance, either manually setting the incline or in ERG mode. no change at all.

My problem was solve by disabled bluetooth and works with ANT+ and FEC device. Contact zwift!

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thank you. I deleted and reinstalled the apps on my phone and seem to fix the problem.

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Same here, Résistance in downhill and flats Kick in while riding

Good luck

Hi had t he problem in January and solved by updating Apple TV os, zwift app and tacx firmware.
But now 5 months later it’s starting again

I solved the problem by using the ANT mode and disconnect the Bluetooth on my Mac while I use it. Works perfectly since then :wink: