Re-broadcast Zwift to Edge 520


Is there a way to re-broadcast the ride data live from Zwift to a Garmin Edge 520?

(I appreciate I could just connect the trainer, HRM, cadence etc directly to the Edge).




may I ask why you would want this?

Zwift automatically creates a full .fit file which contains GPS data, speed, etc. when you upload to Strava, you can see segments, etc. I would think it has everything you need, yes?


Hello Mike,

Two reason for asking about this:

  1. Automation: The Edge 520 syncs with Garmin Connect via my iphone and blue tooth.  Removes the need to download and upload a .fit file.

  2. VO2 Max: The Edge 520 has a feature that calculates a VO2 max score based on ride data.

I’m not a Strava user.  I run, bike and swim and collect all of my data in Garmin Connect.  Hence, I’d like my data to be ‘Garminised’ before it’s uploaded.

Hope this is useful.




What you ask for is technically possible but (1) you would need a second ANT+ dongle/antenna connected to your computer and (2) Zwift would need to be enhanced to make use of this additional ANT+ dongle/antenna to relay the in-game data.

It is a neat feature and useful for probably a very small community of people, like yourself, so I perhaps Zwift may one day add it, but I wouldn’t hold your breathe so to speak :slight_smile:


No worries!  Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.




Just turn on your Garmin and start a workout it’ll still track all your paired devices at the same time as the computer does. I do the same thing with my 910xt so that I can get my actual speed and mileage data for Garmin Connect and WKO4, but still have the computer adjusted data for the Strava segments.