Heart rate data

When I view my Zwift ride in Strava there is no HR data from my Garmin 520. How do I get it synced together?

What device does your garmin pick up to get the HR data?

You need to pair the heart rate monitor to zwift. When zwift uploads to strava then it will take the Hr data too.

You don’t need to be using the Garmin unless you want it for averages.

However you said you use an iPhone so for zwift to get your heart rate you’d need a Bluetooth (or dual) HR monitor and you’d also have to unpair it from your garmin (or turn your garmin off) so that the zwift app has any chance of seeing it.

The Garmin Edge 520 has a built-in HR monitor.

No it doesn’t. The Garmin 520 is a bike computer.


My one gives my heart rate readings. When I record a ride and upload it to Strava and Connect my HR data is included.

Your Edge 520 records the heart rate detected by a heart rate monitor device worn around your chest or arm. When you pair your heart rate device with Zwift, Zwift will record your heart rate as part of the ride record.

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Ok. So I need to pair the chest strap with Zwift. Do you know if there are any instructions on how to do that?

What make/model is the HR strap and are you using ANT+ or Bluetooth on your Zwift device?

It’s the standard chest strap device supplied with the Garmin 520. I’m using Bluetooth and an iPhone at the moment. I have an ANT+ dongle due to arrive today for use with my pc laptop (bigger screen).

I am guessing it is not a Garmin Dual HRM, so it will be ANT+ only. You will need to wait until you get the ANT+ dongle in your PC and then the HRM should connect to Zwift without issue.

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Ok, thanks, I’ll give it a go.