Race: The after party race

I’m a bit confused on the category system and the “alignment” with ZwiftPower
I’ve done this race twice and nov 7 and Nov 28.
Both races the As are listed as 1-2.5wkg; Bs 4.0-5.0 (on a different route); C3.2-4; D 2.5-3.2.
On Nov 7. I raced the C because the wkg aligned but In ZwiftPower I was DQed for out of cat.
Today I raced the As but my Wkg were over the 2.5.
Is this just set up incorrectly or am I missing something?

Certainly does seem to be a strange setup. A lot of riders seem to get WKG DQs in this event so you are probably not alone in being confused by it. The event description gives no clues about who the organizer is or how to get in touch with them.

There are some other after party series that use Category Enforcement to guide people into the right starting pen. The one operated by DZR is really good and often uses custom routes to create a finishing climb. Different time slot though so I don’t know if that’s accessible to you.