Race results not included in league for my category

I was in a 9 race league with the best 6 races counted for scoring. We completed the final race of the league last night.

The category results for the race itself are on Zwiftpiwer but the league has not been updated for my category (cat D).

Every other category has been updated in the league counting all 9 races so I’m not sure why my category was not counted for this last race? A lot dropped out during the race, does the number of finishers make a difference?

Hi Colm - I just had a quick look at this could be due to the organiser having to manual adjust results as they look correct across all cats now.

Here’s how I counted your points (result=points):
3=50 (this is your “last night” race)
5=47 (looks to be organiser adjusted as a rider ahead of you wasnt registered on ZP)
257 pts (I cant account for 1 point difference but didnt scrutinize every event)

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Thanks for the reply. I contacted the customer support team and got it sorted so all good now.

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