Riders results in wrong cat!

Just trying to understand what’s going off here.
Race was billed as normal sprint, tho it started line a chase race with Cat A starting last.

Cat A also rode further then B, B longer then C.

But the results have the first 3 B winners showing in the Cat C race - 7 minutes quicker!

Unfiltered results are correct 🤷

Anyone know why?

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Hi @Mike_W3

Welcome to the forum.

You have to give more information like what race was this?

Cheers Gerrie

I tried to add the link to the event, but not allowed yet…


Couple of things Mike:

  • the shaded arrows on the side show the riders that got an auto-cat upgrade due to high w/kg (should be used for more races!)
  • the results are points based per the event description (below)

So for example, Alex Bath entered Cat C, got auto-bumped to B due to his 20min w/kg - as he was fastest within Cat B w/kg, he won B (until the organisers look at times, then points will sort his finishing position)

From the description…
The first 50 racers in each category will score points which will accumulate into league (can be found of zwift power) There is also a chance for team competition with a separate league standings.

1st- 50 point to 50th- 1 point will be the system for points awarded with these points turning into a club score

I couldnt see the series points anywhere on ZP but this looks to be the first for the series, so give the organisers a bit of time to get the points up - they should then take into account times as well.

Cheers Dean.

But…Alex only won B mainly due to the fact Cat C did 2 laps less and thus had a faster time than the B peleton.

Seems highly flawed. Arguably he hasn’t finished the B race 🤷

Not trying to be a bitter loser (I mean I was 4th anyway :rofl:) just didn’t get it.

Appreciate the info (didn’t know about the grey arrow).


I wouldnt worry, organisers will see his/their times & distance and he (and others that didnt do the distance) will not get a placing for this reason (or shouldn’t).

Points based races are a lot of manual work for organisers and ZP doesn’t really work that well for in helping them or the racers with easily digested results (you have to go hunting). Having said that, I would prefer a points based race series as your true competitors emerge over a couple of weeks and you can just ignore everyone else.