Race results not being loaded

Why is it that whenever I race with my friend my race results are not being shown on the zwift app nor on zwift power, his results are loading just fine.

Whenever I race alone there doesn’t seem to be an issue…

Hi Luc,
Welcome to the forums! That is very interesting feedback. I’m unaware of similar reports. A few questions:

  1. How many times has this happened?
  2. When did you first encounter this?
  3. Did it work previously ? (assuming no in this case)
  4. Can you provide more details of what you mean “riding with a friend”? ie
    Are you colocated?
    Did you do a RIDE WITH from the Drop In screen, rode a bit together, then both teleported to the paddock?
    What platforms are you using (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV) ?

Thanks for the post.