Race not showing in zwiftpower , new zwift user

I’m a new zwift user. I registered an account 2 days ago and got my zywiftpower , zwift and strava all connected together.
Today I did a race on zwift (Hot Chilli) , completed the race with no issues.
I realized that I’m not shown in race results.
also realized that in zwiftpower, there is no data apart from the activity , but the rest of tabs such as Profile, Power are all blank.

What do I need to do to have zwiftpower show the race and also show my ranking in that race?


Hi @Reza_Toghraee_LPCC, welcome to the forums.

This was not a race, it was a group ride FYI. I couldn’t find your profile on Zwiftpower, but I found the ride and didn’t see you listed. Maybe you didn’t register for Zwiftpower correctly? I know it is a strange process.

Hi Mike

Thanks for your reply. I am registered to zwiftpower, I can login, it shows my profile, picture and also activities (its just 2 of them) . on my profile shows distance : 54km which is correct as well.
is there any other settings I needed to do ?


Well I found your profile on Zwiftpower but no activities are loading. Did you sign up after your group ride?

I created the zwiftpower yesterday and connected that to my zwift account.

The group ride was today.


I see “trial expired” on your screen shot, maybe that is why?

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Did you enable data sharing from zwift to zwiftpower?

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I’m brand new as well and noticed two things on my account:

I had not gone into my profile and accepted the terms and conditions - don’t know if this affected anything.

The rides I’ve done so far require a heart rate monitor and I did not buy one yet. Every person listed in zPower on my race today has heart rate data listed.

The Answer : Since I was very new to Zwift and group rides, I did go very fast in the beginning of this race/ group ride. There was a 30 second timer appeared on screen to re-group with other which I did not. Technically I got dropped from the front of the ride. That’s why the ride did not show in my zwiftpower.
I did this 2 tines so far without knowing it but now I learnt the lesson.