Race results and postion

Is it me but when I am in the KISSB races your postion is no longer displayed and at the end the Zwift results don’t appear I keep having to check zwiftpower but I thought this was part of a recent update.

Most frustrating 


Same issue with the Tour de Zwift stage three event tonight.  The previous two stages had rankings during the event (a race for some) and results at the end.  Tonight, neither were available.

There was something different – there was a goofy line graph thing at the bottom.  I think it may have been power/heart rate but not sure.  Somehow related to effort.  Was completely useless in my opinion, and distracted from the ride.

Hi there, 

Race results will show if they are turned on by the event leader/coordinator. If you have any questions on it, we suggest you contact the event leader/coordinator :slight_smile: