Public devices - removing personal data

I’ve just found out that in one of the small cities near me municipality invested in a gym with dozens of CyclOps gym bikes that support Zwift (Mont-Tremblant, Quebec) . No users yet, …and even stuff is really new with it … And, they even provide MaOs tablets fo the ride. Still some tech issues, related to internet trafic filtering (will write a separate ticket to Zwift about it)
So the only thing to have is Zwift account.
Based on this have a question related to account privacy :

  1. How do I prevent someone else login on my account after being logged on MacOS tablet? Since I’ve tried to logout, but when reopening the app I could choose my own account and enter it without password request.

  2. Based on question number 1, what would be the advised Zwift configuration on a public devices?
    Thank you

Ok, think found an answer today: when using MacOS tablet after logout by opening again the Zwift app it will show all the saved users (previously logged in into this device). The user could be deleted by sliding the user box to the left or right.
Well, at least this is some sort of solution, but the one that requires to log back and delete the user each time.
It will be a good idea to create a choice during the loggin with an option of “Public device login” - with this option the system should delete the user data after the logout.
Giving an example of this need from a specific gym that purchased dozens of trainers and i suppose that amount of users in different gyms will raise with the time, thus these need of personal data protection over public devices is really required.

Thank you!


I wouldn’t want my account logged into by random people on a public computer. An option to not save user data on a device is a great idea. Post this to the Feature Request category.