Promo code problem

Hello, maybe anybody had simmilar situation and can help me what to do.
With my kick trainer I received a one month promo code. At the time I had a subcription on apple pay (actualy - was within 7 day trial ).
I canceled the subscription (but itunes still showed that it expires 2 aprill - that was the last day of the free week).
I entered the code, zwift displayed a message “welcome to zwift” - the code has been accepted
on 2 april in the app I got notfication that only 25 km left - the free 25k that renews each month.
I tried to enter the code once again but this time I got message that it has been used already - duh , obviously i entered it day before. so now its seems that free month got wasted. ;/

Hi All and Zwift staff,
can anyone throw some light on this problem?
What happened to Roberts promo for a free month?
When should a Zwifter use a promo code if they are already a paying customer?
Thanks for any help.

On what device are you running Zwift? And somewhere near the note about the 25k remaining is there, by chance, another line that says ‘renew’, or something like that?

I recently had a gift card subscription run out and had therefore renewed my sub in the Apple App Store. Zwift (on my Apple TV), however, didn’t seem to recognize this and kept giving me the 25k remaining message at startup. When I clicked on the ‘renew’ link, though, it seems to have synchronized itself and recognized the subscription.

Not sure if this is the same as your issue, but might be worth a shot.

I am trying to inlut kit codes using my android smartphone app but just get a message saying “it looks like something was wrong with that code”… I’ve tried numerous legitimate codes but get same message every time

Just found this thread - i have a similar issue. Given a month trial for Christmas. Initially subscribed through apple for first month - then cancelled that subscription and entered the promo code from the gift card. All well - code accepted. Then month on apple expired and i’m kicked off the system. Triedf re-entering the promo code but it says the code has already been used. No acoount history. Just disappeared. Not a big deal (£11.99) but a bit irksome that my gidft has just vanished.