Complimentary Membership?

Good luck trying to get a promo code to work. Could Zwift make it any more complicating?

What have you tried?

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • If you’ve already paid for Zwift through the current iTunes billing cycle—your promo code won’t start until your iTunes subscription expires.

  • If you’re trying to activate a promo code you received through a third-party promotion, those codes may require an active Zwift membership billed via credit card or PayPal through our website and not iTunes.

I had the 7 day trial set up with iTunes. Canceled it and signed up with a credit card which made no difference. Code still invalid.

Where did you get the promo code? Perhaps the issue is on that end.

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Code came with my Saris trainer. Zwift promptly replied to my email saying I might be entering zero instead of O or vice versa. If it still does not work I can email them the code to redeem. Thanks Zwift for your help.

Sooooo, this is embarrassing… for me but… :shushing_face: Why not…! What I did was I realized that I pressed space… after I typed the code in… :joy: It won’t work if you press space after u type the code in.

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I had an itunes billing and entered a promo code from my trainer. So i cancelled my itunes subscription and thought it would automatically charge my promo, but my promo as of now is in pending. Should i activate a credit card payment to use my promo? It just looks like if i go on it will eventually charge my credit card and not my promo.
Any idea?

Hi ANtonio, did you get this solved ? I have the same problem, free month is “pending” . I too cancelled my itunes payment, as it said I would be charged 18 EURO

Regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas,
I put in a credit card payment and at the moment am on the 7 days trials. I contacted the zwift customer care and they told me after the trial the promo will be active. That’s all for the moment.

I asked about this a year ago and was instructed to cancel my membership. I screen captured the exchange just to keep a record as it sounded strange. If you have an active membership it will keep charging your card every month, but once you cancel it will kick over to the promo or gift card. I had a couple of card queued up and didn’t notice for a while that I was being billed instead of the cards, once I cancelled my membership zwift started chewing through my queued gift / promo cards.

Something must have changed at some point as when I first started using zwift I could just apply a gift card and zwift would use the gift card and then revert to billing me when it was exhausted.

Super Antonio. I cancelled iTunes, put in a credit card, and now my free code for 1 month is “active”, I will just have to see that they don’t charge the card the first month.
See you out there, happy riding (or running, if you are a runner ;-)!

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