Promo code doesn't change 'canceled' status?



Recently I overlooked the fact that my credit card was no available and Zwift couldn’t charge $10 for the next month. It led to a situation in which my Zwift account is now ‘canceled’. I dig out my promo code (from Elite trainer) and entered the code. Zwift accepted it but still my account is ‘canceled’ and not active. 

Is there any way I can get my account working with the promotional month free?


Hi Krzys,

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an account or a ticket listed for your account, so I can’t find any billing information. For this, I would recommend opening a ticket with support using the email address that is associated with your account.

As for the Elite code, they haven’t provided those codes for quite a long time. But, we do still try to honor those codes. Back when those codes were being given by Elite, there was a stipulation for most codes that were provided by trainer manufacturers that the code required an active subscription to work properly. If you are attempting to use it while not subscribed, then it will not work.

So again, please submit a ticket to help me locate your account. Let’s not use any personal information here of course. Once in the ticket, we’ll be able to get you taken care of. Thanks!