12 Month Gift Subscription with no Promo Code

I received a 12 months subscription from my wife, however neither she nor I were ever provided a promo code. All I have is the purchase receipt and transaction ID. the trans ID does not work as a promo code. How am I supposed to redeem this and get going? I have been on hold all morning in the chat support and the chat phone line only to be kicked out/hung up on randomly (4-47 minutes) with a message no operators are available try again later.

Hi @Bryan_Rash, welcome to the Zwift forums.

When did your wife purchase the gift card and from where? Zwift recently stopped selling the gift cards. I assume you have registered as a user already, if so when you log into my.zwift.com do you have this option under your profile/billing?

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She purchased it in late Nov/early December I believe from Zwift before they ran out of stock. I do have that page, however the trans ID won’t work and Zwift never e-mailed either of us anything other than the receipt with the trans ID.

ETA: her e-mail says, “Thanks for giving the gift of Zwift! Here’s your receipt.” Then it lists the trans id and my name as the recipient with the total of $180 paid. That’s all we got.

Unfortunately I think you will need to wait to hear back from Zwift support. I’m sure they are very busy right now with lots of new users after the Holiday. Also, if you email them, wait until you hear back before emailing again or they put you at the back of the line again. It will probably take 5 - 10 business days to get an email response.

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thanks for the response. Not a great introduction to the world of Zwift (I did do a trial about 3-4 years ago). Hopefully once this is sorted I won’t have to use their “customer service” again.

They did call me. I was advised this was a known issue with a number of subscriptions that were purchased and a code was not provided. Apparently they are pooling them all and will get to a fix eventually generating promo codes and sending them via e-mail. He advised it could take 1-2 weeks, but later in the conversation indicated it has been a known issue for a while already with no fix. In the interim, they have no free access codes or promos we can use but I am welcome to pay for the monthly subscription until they get around to generating a solution for those who actually already have paid for year long subscriptions.

Again, terrible introduction to Zwift - at least to their customer service.

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That is, indeed, ludicrous. I think you should get at least another 3 months free after such a fiasco.

Come on @Nigel_Tufnel that’s just crazy speak. It’s not like Zwift is rolling in some crazy cash that they can throw around free 3 month subscriptions… oh yea they are probably swimming in a pool, a la Scrooge McDuck style, of that $450 million they got. :rofl:

Add on all the iOS users who are getting hosed this month too