Bought a physical membership card in store. Doesn't work and Zwift can't figure it out. What now?

I bought a physical 12 month membership in store. When I put the code in, it says that it’s been voided. I first asked Zwift support about this 9 days ago. Nobody has been able to provide any answers. How do I escalate this to get it taken care of? I’d like to get zwifting without paying more money than I already have. I should note that I’ve bought membership from this same retailer in the past with no issue.

I am sure Zwift stopped gift cards a long time ago.

That was only stopping generating new ones though, existing ones should work - especically if they’ve been physically bought, and from a reputable store.

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They need to honor the gift card that they were paid money for. Gift cards don’t expire. It shouldn’t take 9 days to resolve a basic issue like this.


How much does a 12 month gift card cost? I do remember zwift stopping selling those years ago

Exactly the same as twelve months’ subscription fee.

I managed to get a discount on one once (there was a site-wide code for a major retailer IIRC), I heard Zwift kicked off about that.

Yikes. Sorry to hear that.

Crazy that a company that gets hundreds of millions in venture capital can’t get basic retail stuff like this figured out. It often feels like the company is being run out of a garage by a couple of guys.

Why can’t you take it back to original retailer? You purchased a product from them that doesn’t work shouldn’t that allow you to get a refund?