ZWIFT Gift cards

So I was gifted a $100 zwift gift card (I’m a newer Zwifter) with the intention of it being used for the subscription to help lessen the cost of starting up (also just bought a trainer, casette, etc…). I went to use it… and in the fine print it says that it can’t be used on monthly subscriptions… I contacted support to see if the gift card could be refunded and they said no that I should just use the generous gift in their shop. Well, I don’t ride their trainers so that takes out about half the products, and I’m picky about the other bike products I do use.

I listed it for sale for $95 but I’m sure I won’t have much luck because buying an online gift card sounds sketch (to me anyway). Does anyone have any other ideas? The person who bought the gift card doesn’t ride bikes she just knew I was getting an indoor trainer and was going to try Zwift as the platform.

Can you use it towards an annual subscription

Nope, that’s not allowed either.

Yeah, they’re all kinda screwy from an electronic payments standpoint. For whatever reason, Zwift is really seemingly trying to make it impossible to gift a subscription for their service. It took them many many years to grasp an annual subscription tier, and still haven’t figured out anything related to family plans.

That seems wild given how popular their platform is, they definitely should have a family plan I’m totally with you there too!

so sadly not a lot of use then

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It is clearly stated on the product page that the gift vouchers cannot be used towards the purchase of subscriptions.

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There’s a banner on the top of the website no matter what page you’re on. It’s called advertising.

You seem a bit upset.

However, I think the point is that you didn’t do your due diligence and read the terms and conditions prior to making an online purchase.


Kelly’s post was over a month ago; I’m guessing she’s on to other things now.

No, that is actually not the point. My goal is to warn others / highlight that there is misleading info on the Zwift website. The way the site is set up to lead one from the subscriptions page - where a “redeem coupon” field is clearly visible - to the gift cards page is misleading. I am always saddened for people like you. Whereas my efforts are meant to help others not get tricked into wasting money, yours are targeting a single person. Think about that. Happy Holidays.

People like me, trying to encourage others to read the terms and conditions prior to making an online purchase, so they don’t make the same mistake you did.


:joy: Nice try. From my vantage point your primary objective was meant to be combative and demeaning. However, because you and others appear to have lots of free time on your hands to comment on my remarks, it is sort of supporting my objective of raising awareness of the problem, so thanks! The number of posts with the words “Zwift,” “gift card” and “‘misleading” plus the fact that this topic stays fresh surely have an impact on whether this thread will appear if someone does happen to search ahead of time about gift cards. Best wishes in the New Year! :partying_face:

Says the person calling other forum members names.
That’s probably why your posts were removed.
Not because you were complaining about how Zwift allows gift cards to be used.


Indeed. I generally share my opinion if I think it can be helpful to others. Zwift have misleading info on their website at a time of year when folks may wind up being a bit more rushed than otherwise since work can be quite demanding at year end. I am not certain that any disclaimer about not being able to use for subscriptions was even visible when I purchased the gift cards. Now that it is there, I think it is still useful to keep this thread fresh and open so that others may stumble across it and avoid wasting their money.

Voicing your opinions is one thing, juvenile name calling is something completely different and goes against community guidelines. Which is why your posts have been removed.