3 month gift card out of stock

3month gift card dont taken.

because that is out of cards

Same problem.
Do you find the reason?

Had same problem also. Been trying since yesterday. Email sent to Zwift yesterday with no reply as yet.

do not…zwift dont know this problem yet

I’ve got the answer by email from Zwift support:

"At this time we don’t have anymore 3 month eGift cards available for purchase.

Sorry but I also can’t tell you when they might become available again at this time.

We still do however have 12 month cards available for purchase."

Sounds not good (

How the ■■■■ does a company run out of E gift cards? There is no physical product they just send a code to be entered.

If that is true it’s a new low of Zwift shooting themselves in the foot. Literally leaving money on the table instead of selling more 3 month prepaid subscriptions.


What a rort. Just a way for people to buy 12 month gift cards. How can you run out of an E-gift card…

This appears to be a Bait and Switch. You would think that if you were going to offer 3 month gift cards AND 1 year gift cards, there would be SOME financial incentive to buy the 1 year card, like PAY LESS FOR THE 1 YEAR CARD. As opposed to BUYING 4 - 3 month cards for the same price as a 1 year card. I would imagine that summer us is much lower than the winter use there are periods during the summer that the 1 year period is being used up with no online activity.

yes…this is very no good…

just wait…

who know what time have taken…

I’m living the same experience. I think is unfair from Zwift propone to purchase one year instead of three months. This is really illogical. In Italy after the winter I run out with my bike… How I can use just three months? I don’t want to use my card direct linked to my account. Should I use another Company for my digital trip?

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Just another anti-consumer action to add to the list.

yes…This is really too much of a business trick


I just don’t understand the way.

Please let me know when this will start selling again.

Hey all - some more clarification on the gift card situation.

  1. These codes are not generated randomly on-demand. They’re generated in batches, so there is a finite inventory of them in the e-comm store.

  2. The three month cards have sold out already, and we will not be restocking them.

  3. We will continue to sell through our remaining 12 month membership cards, but will not be restocking those either once we’ve sold through the current inventory.

Anyone understand how Zwift can be out of e-cards? Or have heard when more will be “in stock”?


Are they out of ALL gift cards now, or just the 3-month cards? If so, my guess is that this is just a ploy to get people to spend more money. There is already another thread on this, so you might try searching for that to see if you can get more information.

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Are they? I had no problem getting to the PAY NOW button here https://zwift.com/gift

At what point are you running into the out of stock problem.

It is possible to run out depending on their systems. They could create 10,000 card numbers at a time and maybe need to create new ones when those run out. Depends on the system. Ideally you’d have a system that warns you when you run low so you can create some more numbers.

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