Problems Zwift servers


For the second day in a row I have serious problems with the Zwift app (using Macbook Air). It doesn´t load well and sensors are not connecting. Apart from that I lost two full hours already in the last two days because the app bugs while I am waiting for an event / race to start. My operating system and software are up to date and internet works excelent (glass fiber). Zwift cost 10 dolars a month which  is reasonably more expensive than for example my Strave premium account. For that monthly fee I expect that everything works well all the time and that there is enough server capacity to handle 1000´s of riders at the same moment. I am seriously irritated about this. I also lost quite some time because of the same problems last week.

Looking forward for your reply and a quick solution.


Jeroen Meijs


Hi Jeroen,

We try to be very transparent and quick to inform the community if and when there is a problem, especially one that would affect a rider’s ability to log on.

However, we are not currently having any issues and from what you’ve mentioned, it sounds like there is some troubleshooting that we’ll have to do with your account. For that, we would need log files and information about your computer. 

For example, you mentioned having a Macbook Air. but there are quite a few models out there. The original came out in 2008 and was released with hardware that wouldn’t meet Zwift’s minimum requirements. Obviously, since it is loading for you, I can assume that you aren’t using the 1st generation model, but we will definitely need to have you open a support ticket to get a better understanding of what is happening with your computer, sensors, and internet connection. The problems you’ve described would not indicate an issue with Zwift’s servers.