Problems with Clockwise

(G Kerr C) #1

Rode clockwise for the first time tonight and had a few droputs and also it miss-counted my laps. I hope this was just a one off, slightly annoying that it happened on a group ride so once it come back on I didn’t see the group again. Im using a kickr on mac.

(G Kerr C) #2

Forgot to mention just before the dropout the Kickr was almost impossible to turn a pedal stroke then dropped out. First time I have had any issues. I still had a good ride so not so bad.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Gary,

Can you do a spindown with your KICKR using the Wahoo App and try again? See if it happens again?

(G Kerr C) #4

Will do a spindown before next use, thanks. Still a great concept so keep up the good work.

(Ron Skinner) #5

using the computrainer this evening I notice that the slope setting felt more consistent with what I expected, particularly the downhill portions.