Gradients reversed

Cycled Tour de Zwift, Stage 7C, today and some of the gradients were reversed - ie harder to pedal downhill than uphill and the other way round! Kicker Core and latest version of Zwift on M1 Air. Never happened before. Any thoughts or ideas?

Search the forum for threads about Wahoo gradients reversed. I think it’s an issue with the Wahoo firmware, but I can’t remember exactly.

I’d seen the thread from last October but it didn’t really offer much help. Multiple updates since them from Wahoo and Zwift. I’ve been on Zwift a lot recently and it’s odd it just started today

The old trick was to exit Zwift completely and start it fresh. And only do your one ride.

Certain Wahoo Kickr firmware also caused issues, hence my Kickr Bike is deliberately on an older firmware that works properly.

I’m also using Mac (12.2 on Mac Pro) but have a Ant+ antenna to connect the kickr bike rather than Bluetooth.

Had this on the Fondo today, though only after I disconnected my HRM which was stuck at various random rates for extended periods. I can assure you that I wasn’t at 80bpm doing the reverse Epic KOM after nearly 90km or riding. Got pissed off with it and took the HRM off completely off, which then brought up the ‘Connection Failure’ message. From then on the uphill didn’t feel any easier but the flat and downhill sections were ridiculously hard, I had to use 39-30 to even turn the pedals across the line which is flat. As a result I didn’t even bother finishing 100km.

Windows 10, Neo 2T, ANT+ FE-C. Ride shows zero dropouts (one disconnection which was me removing the Wahoo Tickr) and under 1.5% RxFail rate, which is normal for my setup.

Are you using ANT+ or bluetooth? I have a Kickr Core and this used to happen to me sometimes when I paired with bluetooth via the companion app. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t happened since I switched to an ANT+ dongle.

Not sure if you’re replying to me, but I was on ANT+.

Bluetooth. It’s only happened the once.

Whoops, nope, that was meant to be a reply to the OP.

For your issue… have you replaced your HRM battery lately? Sounds like how mine behaves when the battery is almost dead. Not sure why that would throw everything else off so badly… but I vaguely recall something similar happening to me - HRM died and everything else was all wonky afterward.

Yeah I’ve wondered about the battery, if it carries on I’ll swap it out. Cheers. :+1:

But yeah, that the gradients went wrong specifically after that was really weird. That’s why I thought it was worth mentioning, in case it helps the devs debug it (if they see this).

One thing about HRM. I was having similar issues last year and replaced the strap in the end. That fixed it. A generic strap from Amazon, about £14

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