Up and Down Gradient Inverted

For a few weeks now I’ve been having an issue where the gradient feels inverted on Zwift. Going uphill, I’m spinning out the 53/11 and barely moving, while going downhill I’m in the little ring and pushing hard. Happens maybe once or twice a week.
Trainer is a Wahoo Kicker v2, laptop is a Windows 10 with Garmin ANT+ dongle. Power source is a Power2Max powermeter. Setup has worked fine for years, issue seems to have randomly started. Have tried multiple spindowns, powercycling the trainer, ensured trainer is not in ERG mode, and have tried workouts with other apps. Issue is only in Zwift.
Have opened a support ticket, but no word yet. Any ideas?

Does this happen during free ride or in Workout mode?

Free ride and races. Workout mode works fine.

that is strange, did you try to set the Trainer difficulty to 100%?

I haven’t tried that yet. I could see how that would happen on the uphill, but the downhill could be almost unrideable with it cranked all the way up.

I think I resolved the issue (for now). Switched trainer pair from WahooXXXXX to WahooXXXXFE-C and turned off the Bluetooth pairing option in the companion app.

That would be my next question, yes you should always use the FE-c option, it is the new standard.