Problems synching to Strava

Help! My Zwift no longer synchs to Strava and I am also not able to download FIT files.
On my MAC it only downloads HTML files.
Please can someone help???

Hi @Paul, welcome to the forums.

Have you tried disconnecting and then reconnecting Zwift and Strava? Do this on both the Zwift side and in the Strava app. That might fix the issue.

Not sure about your fit file issue, I am able to download them using Chrome on Windows 10, go to to get to your activities and click on the settings gear toward the top of the page:

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Thanks for this Mike, hugely appreciate your help. I will try and disconnect both and see if it helps. Re the Fit file issue, my old rides are OK but while I can see the new ones, I cannot seem to download them. I may try and re-install zwift and see if it helps?

Thinking about it more, I suspect the problem is that my activity was not recorded properly on Zwift and hence no file available. Not sure why this is the case?