Not uploaded to strava and not able to download fit file

Hi there. 

New to Zwift but have completed a few rides now. 

I experience that Zwift will not upload to Strava every time even though i’m connected. Today I was not able to download fit for manual transfer! 

Completed two rides today on was send to Strava just fine but second was not. Unable to download any of the fit files. I can however download older fit files? 

I get the following error when i try to download fit file: 



<Message>Access Denied</Message>









Same problem for me :frowning:

Hi Stuart and Allan,

Can you try again? It seems to be intermittent.

That being said, you can also find your .FIT file locally in your Documents\Zwift\Activities folder on your computer.


I haven’t been able to get a single ride to upload. Is there any issue with Safari compared to Chrome? It is a little frustrating since it was uploading perfectly to TrainingPeaks.  I have disconnected TP to see if that helps…

Good news! You should be able to download your fit file now, so if you weren’t able to before, just try again.

We’re still working on the Strava issue, but we’re making progress. Thanks for your understanding! :slight_smile:

More updates to come in this thread. Closing this one to cut down on duplicates.