Problem with slipping

Hi guys
Can anyone help me?
I have a Tacx Vortex 2180 and I have a problem with Zwift. When the hill starts and I get up from the seat, my rear wheel starts to slip and I lose speed, and my tire is burn.
Please guys how to fix this problem?

Are you using a trainer tire or a normal road tire?

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Normal tire Paul

That is more than likely the main cause of the issue, you should look into getting one of these:

Tnx Anton i try to fix.
Aha… First I’ll try this what Anton told me, after that i buy thus tire :slight_smile:
Tnx guys

Hi Petar,
actually, I’m almost sure that for any wheel-on trainer you could have a problem with the wheel slipping. The only difference is at what speed, or more precisely at what type of pedaling.

You could solve part of the problems with:

  1. Purchasing a special tire for trainers.
  2. Prior of each ride check the tire pressure.
  3. Prior of each ride clean the tire (I’m using alcohol, but you could probably find other special products)
  4. Prior of each ride tighten correctly the wheel-on bolt (see the documentation of your trainer) and loose it after the ride
    +***5. as additional point, do not forget 10 mins wharm-up ride + calibration

Those 4 points will reduce significantly the cases when your wheel will slip on the trainer.
But! During some crazy sprints when you go from 300 watts to 700+ watts in few seconds you will always probably feel some sort of wheel slipping, probably totally normal behavior due to physics. I think that this could be solved only by changing the trainer to direct drive one.

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Tnx Adam for help i try :smiley: