New user..2 issues having problems with on trial

(Im Johnny Handsome/DIRT\) #1

I am using a Tacx Vortex and am connected via AppleTV.

  1. When Zwift is connected and in use, I notice burning smell coming from tire shedding some of its tread.

  2. Wattage is significantly low no matter how much effort i put in.

Any info to help would be great.

Thank you

(Paul) #2

Are you using a trainer tire?

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(Im Johnny Handsome/DIRT\) #3

No sir. Using my standard road bike tire. Thank you

(Svenne) #4

Maybe you should put some more pressure against your wheel/tyre.

If it smells burned and no power readings, maybe the tyre is too loose against the trainer so no grip, no turning flywheel?

I hope you know how to setup your trainer and hardware for communicating with your devices.

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(Paul) #5

You really should consider a trainer tire.

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(Todd) #6

I agree with this assessment - you CAN use your actual tire but you’ll add significant wear to it pretty quickly and trainer tires are designed for the purpose. There are a number of brands who make trainer tires (I think the last one I had good results with was Continental which came in a sort of ugly-ish brownish orange/yellow tread color). The downside is you’ll have to swap tires back and forth since riding outdoors on a trainer tire isn’t recommended. Since I live in Minnesota where it shows half the year it’s not too bad for me. Good luck!

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(Svenne) #7

I’ve always been training on rollers with old/used tires and the only downside i’ve found is that i use them till they fall apart. So it happens that while you’re training you gotta go change a tyre but hey…talking about recycling or waste solutions. This is the best way to completely use your tires. The ones that are too worn for outside, at least i can get quite some hours roller training out of them indoors…and it’s free! :wink:
I’ve never had that problem of overheating, slipping, etc. Yes, just control the tires that they’re clean. You might get a puncture! No kidding. With a pressure wheel on the tyre you could pinch it if there’re already some stones or debris in it.

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