tacx vortex smart

having issues with the above on Zwift.


all is ok at first … I set off on a ride and then after perhaps 1 or 2 km ( flat ride - no hills )  there seems to be a lot of resistance as if the brake has just come on…no matter how hard I pedal I cannot get above 40w and the tyre starts slipping with a smell of burned rubber !!

It feels like the brakes are on. there is no clicking from the roller and it spins freely when I disengage and turn the trainer off…


I am running a trainer tyre and have calibrated the tyre to the roller using the tacx app.

The software is all up to date via the tacx app.

I have tried to calibrate the trainer to Zwift but I can’t reach 25kph no matter how hard I pedal as the brake kicks in and I grind to a halt.


what am I doing wrong ??  is it a faulty device ?


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Based on what you’re describing, I would recommend contacting Tacx so they can confirm the trainer isn’t faulty. If it’s not, submit a ticket so we can check your logs and see what’s going on.