Erratic power readings on tacx vortex

I ride tacx vortex exactly on tacx app. But on zwift, couldn’t get stiffness of high slopes. This happened on my last two rides, so I am sure about wrong power output. I stopped pedaling for 15 sec. to get calibration but doesnt work.

Wheel on trainers are a waste of time…i had a tacx vortex and going to a direct drive trainer is like night and day

I am just thinking about direct mount trainers, what about flux S ? Which one did you get?

I have a elite direto…i would not buy another tacx product after the last trainer i had from them had to be sent back twice for repair

Ahmet, are you using the i-Vortex or the Smart Vortex? You description sounds like it is the i-Vortex which is what I had. This (older) model is not actually “smart” in that it does not have the protocol needed for Zwift to control the brake. (The Tacx TTS4 software is able to do it). The speed and cadence information can be used by Zwift but Zwift is not able to “talk back” to the brake to make it harder on slopes. If you do indeed have the i-Vortex, you will not be able to experience the uphills on Zwift. You will only be able to do it with the Tacx software and their own films. (I upgraded this year to a higher Tacx trainer and that has allowed me to benefit from the terrain experience in Zwift.)

Dear Frank, it is a smart one. And trouble is new, after excellent use of two years. If you say what changed; last week, as there was a “no signal” sign on zwift, I email to tacx. They advised me to train on tacx application, to prove that trainer is ok and problem is about zwift. Result: yes it was, I imported my real routes from strava and enjoy tacx app. Meanwhile I wonder “no Signal” problem was going on or not. Signal problem was over spontaneously. But this time it was impossible to ride harder . Thats all.
And I am thinking about changing my trainer. Which one did you buy? Are you happy with it?
What do you think about tacx Neo?
Is it possible to train on both Zwift and tacx app. Without something like that calibration problem?
Thanks for attention

Ahmet, I bought the Neo and absolutely love it. It’s quietness, accuracy, the road feel and the downhill simulation all are fantastic features. It does not require calibration. It works both on Zwift and with the TTS softrware, whichever you choose to start up. You will not regret it.

Discussion is over for me! Any problem in my mind , buy a Neo 2… As you said it worths that much. Just a few hours ago I read in the forum again that FTP reduced after changing trainer but I think it isnt an important issue
Thanks Frank!

By the way I am going to be glad to follow you on strava…but to many fschilder from america to europe…