Problem with open Zwift on Windows 10 computer

Hello, I can’t open program on my computer. (windows 10). when open launcher I can’t see like saving but in 12-15 seconds disappears from screen and I can nothing to do. I download several times the program and ever same problem. I don’t know what can i do. My computer is all ok, Not firewall for zwift, …I delete all old downloads and try again like a new program and same problem ever. Can you help me?"

Is your Windows 10 32bit?

Hi, I went through the same issue, and unfortunately it was because the computer wasn’t up to handling the graphics, so as it tries to launch it overwhelms the graphics processing unit (GPU) and it shuts down. Your computer’s GPU must support a minimum of OpenGL 3.1 to meet the game’s requirements, mine could only handle 2.1. There is a text file you can check to see if this is the issue (Let me know if you want to check that and I’ll give you the route to get to it).

I had an older laptop, and had to get a newer (used) one to run Zwift. If the PC has an integrated graphics chip then it must be quite new to handle Zwift, separate Graphics Cards should be OK.

Have you checked that your PC meets the minimum standards for Zwift, they can be found on the Zwift support site. These do state it needs a specific separate GPU, but mine works fine with an i7 5600 processor that has an integrated 5500 HD GPU.

What is the specification of your PC?

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If this is the case, there is really some room for improvement in the application. It would be trivial to check that the minimum requirements are met (regarding versions etc) at startup and if not, a user-friendly message would be displayed.

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Niclas, I would like the message, too.
But with the app running on Windows, Mac, iPhone, ATV, Android phones and the hardware changing and coming new in a very short time I believe it is not really possible.
Read somewhere in the forum only Android are more than 4000 different devices, many users would like the app running at PS, Xbox, Linus, Nvidia TV, etc.

Ride on, Merry Christmas!

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Thank you all so much for the comments.
it is strange but the problem I think must be another because my PC is very new and at first swift worked properly.
I have another pretty old computer at work and zwift works fine.
This happens to me very strange because I tried everything that came to my mind to fix it (reload, antivirus control, screen settings … and there is no way).
Well, sooner or later I will find the solution.
once found I will let you know if anyone can come across the same problem.