no driver supporting OpenGL 3.1 or higher

I have a laptop running OS Windows 10 64bit. My laptop specs seems to meet the minimum required as dictated by

OS : Windows 7 x64 bit, OSX 10.7

  • Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Memory : 4GB
  • Graphics : 1GB dedicated GPU, or embedded Intel HD 4000/AMD R5 
  • Hard Drive : 4GB of free space

The above spec is taken from the Zwift website.

When i try to run the zwift program, i receive a message that I need OpenGL 3.1 or higher, but it mentions also that i do not have to worry since it is probably nothing more than a driver update.

The thing is that my graphic card (i.e. Mobile Intel® GMA 4500MHD) driver is up to date.

Are there any workarounds which i can explore. It would be very much appreciated if i get direction that eventually will lead to a solution. I called the Toshiba helpdek but that can not direct me further than i already explored myself.




the exact same thing happened to me today also about 5 mins into my ride. i only started using zwift yesterday and it worked fine. today it seemed to have a lot of lag, and then it just froze. when i went to restart i got the same warning as you richard. 

i receive a message that I need OpenGL 3.1 or higher, but it mentions also that i do not have to worry since it is probably nothing more than a driver update

i also am using a toshiba satellite laptop. please can someone in zwift help us? i am still using my trial period and i was so impressed with it yesterday. now im wondering should i sign up at all, if this is going to happen.

Richard, The Intel GMA 4500 is below minimum spec (it’s pre-Intel HD 3000 which is pre-Intel HD 4000).  It’d probably work if somebody still put out updated drivers (we require driver code from the last 3-4 years), but it’d work slowly.


Kevin, that’s odd that you’d have it work once but not again.   Have you given the machine a reboot recently?   Your graphics are also a bit below minimum spec so it’s not too surprising it’s running slow, but given the fact it ran once makes me think it should work again after a fresh boot.    I’d also check with Toshiba to see if there’s an updated graphics driver, or even try to see if official Intel drivers work.  You can check here:


thanks for the quick response. Do you mean that maybe third party driver will work with my GMA 4500. I expect it will run slow or without much detailed graphics. but this is what i would like to test.

The problem I have is that I have a HD video editing pc in the living room which works fine but on the long term my wife will nog accept me with my bike in the living room. I am exploring alternatives.

Maybe with your knowledge and experience i am able to get my laptop working.



Does anyone have an alternative solution?


I was running the Zwift program ok until the free trial ran out.
As soon as i paid for it i kept getting this Error OpenGL 3.1 or higher to run

I have the most up to date graphics driver and running:-


GA-78LMT-USB 3 Main board

3.5ghz AMD 6300 Six Core 64 bit

16Gb RAM

NVIDIA GeForce GTX970 with 4 g Memory


Please help, as Im a wee bit frustrated