Error: Zwift requires OpenGL 3.1 or higher to run

I’ve been facing this issue for some time. It made me go crazy, I’ve even been thinking about quitting Zwift because of that. But last weekend I spend an afternoon on debugging this and fortunately I was able to figure things out.

On my laptop I’m using Ubuntu 20.04, however I think this may be more driver related issue and to get rid of this Error popup and make Zwift starting and operating properly all you need to do is to locate “prefs.xml” on your computer (it is a xml file with Zwift settings saved in it) and remove line:


without this line Zwift doesn’t show up any error messages and works ok, unfortunately this must be done before every Zwift ride (but I think it is not a big deal to prepare some automated script to remove that line)

Quitting Zwift because it throws an error message on an unsupported platform seems a bit weird, but glad you’ve found a solution to your problem.


I think this is quite common issue among zwifters, additionally I’m working on that platform so I didn’t consider any trasformation to windows.

It’s not common at all, since it only requires a display adapter from any time in the last decade to overcome.

Your issue is presumably that Linux reports adapter capability in a way that Zwift cannot recognise… But Linux is unsupported so that’s no real surprise.

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What display adapter might someone need to resolve this issue? I have Windows 10 and am having the same error. I don’t know any workaround though so I just can’t use Zwift on my PC.

The OP’s problem was probably to do with running the game on Linux. If you’re on Windows you shouldn’t be having any issues.

Would need to know your system specs to provide better help but ensure you’re outputting in a native resolution with progressive scan format. Interlaced tends to generate this error message from Zwift.