Graphics drivers problem

When running the Zwift app ,
I always get the following error window:

“Zwift requires openGL 3.1 or higher to run. Don’t worry though, your computer probably supports it, you may just need to update your graphics drivers. If you need help with this, contact

I have a new system, which is a Dell desktop, with the following configuration:

-256GB SSD,
-AMD RX 640 4GB video card.

I tried the following:

-reinstalling the video driver

-updating the video driver to the very latest version.

-tried an older version of the driver. With the older version, I would get the message “Library load failed.”

-I uninstalled and reinstalled the Zwift app.

-In Windows settings, HD windows color settings are off.

-All my system drivers are up to date

Why isn’t the app working ?

This happened to me on the last update too, the error is very miss-leading. It had nothing to do with the graphics driver, it was the monitor settings. I usually run it on a 1080p TV, but plugging in a monitor fixed it, plug the TV back in broke again, turned out it didn’t like that the tv was set to interlaced.

I just went into display settings, Advanced Display settings and changed the monitor refresh to 60hz, from 60hz interlaced.

Anyway I’ve got no idea why Zwift cares about the monitor, but it does.

Hope it helps, good luck