Open GL 3.1 drivers stopping zwift

what on earth is going on i cant open zwift and im using intel i5-8265u in a 4yr old laptop with uhd 620 integrated graphics. It was working perfectly yesterday but now its stuffed.

Are you outputting to a TV or monitor? Needs to be in a progressive format.

If not, then Zwift is not seeing your Intel graphics driver correctly. Try a good old restart (not shut down/start up).

dont worry turns out my graphics was disabled in device manager ive fixed it now thanks


hello, i bought a new laptop and my zwift was perfect untill now ive had some updates on my laptop im getting also this message and do not know what to do to fix it? someone?

Make sure your graphics card or cpu integrateed graphics is enabled in device manager on Windows

Thank you very much for your answer.
Ive got an email from zwift also to install update intel and after I did this everything works again.