Problem with my trainer and zwift

but I am having problems after sometime the speed drops but my watts and heart is going I tryied it on different computers and the same I have the ANT-+ sensor right next to my trainer
(It was working before fine any ideas?)

Hi @steve_melnick

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What do you mean your speed drops.

What I mean the watt is moving up 230 plus but my speed is hardly moving.

It look like you are having power dropouts.

there may be something interfering with your signal or a bad usb port

Thanks for your reply back I tried it on different PC and the same thing I have the ANT+ right next to my trainer.

Do you pair using the ANT+ fe-c option.

Something in the room is causing interference.

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I turn off all my other Bluetooth devices I have the ANT+ sensor right next to my trainer.

Could be other things like a fan too close, microwave oven being used, etc…


my Wifi router is about 10 feet from the trainer the only other thing I could think about is my TCL smart tv that uses WIFI I am out of ideas Thanks.

any other ideas?

what else runs on your PC? I had same sort of issues and it was an anri-virus utility taking control for a few seconds. Worth looking at what else is running in the background.

nothing else

its Windows New Laptop I just got a few weeks ago I also tried it on my desktop and the same problem.
I am thinking of closing my zwift account if I cant use it.

This is a red light to me. Wifi routers can interfere with the ANT+ signal.

Look at this article: How to Fix ANT+ Dropouts in Zwift - Zwift Insider

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ Thanks for the link I have a lot of devices on 2.4 as well 5ghz i changed it I see what happens thanks again.