PRIMES in France not matching Zwiftinsider or Whatsonzwift

Warning for all organizers Yesterday i noticed that the Primes in France are not as in pictures on Zwiftinsider or Whatonzwift

All the Primes that are on the pictures shown as Reverse are on the Zwiftpower Forward and all forward are on zwiftpower reverse.

@James_Zwift and @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn

I don’t think this is just in France, check out Mall forward and Mall reverse sprint times. ZwiftPower shows your times under the opposite direction segment.

ZwiftInsider, WhatsonZwift, segment details in game and Activity report screenshots all match up. When you then look up your times in ZwiftPower Segment best times you will find your forward times on the reverse sprint and vice versa. Always been like that in my 18 months with Zwift.

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This has to be fixed on Zwiftpower…otherwise we have a complete (D)isaster.
Petit Boucle goes in both directions on all Primes.

It’s been like this since day 1.


So no point changing it then :joy:


EDIT: James definitely not aimed at you just Zwift in general.

Yeah… segment names in ZwiftPower just need to be edited.

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Corrected your typo

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Lets be serious for a second…Zwift segment names and Zwiftinsider are the same also Strava segments are correct…but when you go from Strava to Zwiftpower link somehow Zwiftpower is upsidedown. WTF

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James, in this one, Zwift & Strava match, ZwiftPower is backwards. London Mall sprint is backward between the in-game labels and the ZwiftPower labels as well, I think.

Like you said though, this has been the case since day 1, I remember our first races on France when we had the “pothole” that kicked out about 15% of riders…