Primes not loading in results

Normally I set up just a basic but now trying to set up with primes. For some reason they are not showing on results list but are in the primes tab? Any suggestions? I have the Volcano Circuit Reverse set and all laps selected with comma separated and then custom points set. I have Do not use points set so that the custom should over ride I think?

Try setting it up like this

I have these settings in place and still nothing. Dont think Cat and Mouse would make sense, we did stagger start with A/B first then C/D/E 1 min later. Thanks

After adding first over line for finish banner then it shows points for that but not the intermediate sprints.

Also we are doing the race as a distance and not laps. So its 30k and then we have a blue banner for finish.

Andy - I’ve fixed it. Give it 5 minutes to refresh.

what did you do so I know for future races? Also how to get those points reflected to the league?


You had the prime set to Volcano Circuit Reverse, whereas it was actually the forwards one that you wanted.

You just need to recalculate the points in the league by going to settings and then recalc.

the route was volcano circuit ccw so thats weird? I just hit recalculate in the league

Yeah, I checked what it said in the primes tab to double check.

We are on classique reverse this week, do you know if the prime should be set to forward or reverse? Also can you select the sprint as we come in from lead in for points ot have to wait till after first lap? Thank you, Andy

If you set it to lap 1, this will include the lead in. You’ll want the Mall Sprint (forwards) prime for Classique Reverse.

Our last race was on laguardia loop and for some reason it doesnt look like it is awarding points for the finish banner? Think this may be the case on all three events so far. It is a glowing banner and not actual finnish banner? Points are not adding up.

Any clues for which event this is?

Bike Surgeon Chasing Daylight Series on Tuesday nights at 6pm CST 18;00
plus last two races

Took me ages, but spotted the reason.

There was a full stop in-between some of the numbers rather than a comma. I’ve corrected it now and it should work.

FYI also removed FAL Sprint on lap 11 because that was also the same as the event finish line, so riders were being scored twice.

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Question on downtown dolphin prime points. We were sprinting the start finish line, would that be the Crit City Dolphin Lap or Crit City Dolphin Sprint? Both load in results even though I only selected one. Thanks

Dolphin lap.

Dolphin sprint is after the start/finish line and after the climb.