Missing one Prime of Bullseye Points Race by Herd Racing League - June 1, 2022?

Thanks for your brilliant and constant (which is the hardest part, I guess) efforts, @JamesBailey!
Something that I wondered about last night’s Bullseye race is when you look at the prime results table at ZP, there are only 11 records (of Crit City Dolphin Lap) even though there were 12 laps and sprints.
zwiftpower zid=3014039
I am not sure which one is missing; lap 11 clearly seems to be the final lap, and I think the first one is also there (but it might also be that I remember the ranks from laps 1 and 2 incorrectly).

To be clear, it is not a problem from my side, but I just wanted to raise awareness just in case there is something odd going on with ZP that might affect other races too.

This always happens on Downtown Dolphin.

I think it’s because you don’t go through the start banner on the first lap, but you do complete “a lap” to make it 12.

Hm, you are right that you do not cross the banner with the lead-in, which makes this rather unique for Bullseye since the first banner crossing already is a valid sprint.
However, this does not explain 11 lap banner crossings. Usually we have n+1 banner crossings (w/ n=number of laps) due to the lead-in (so this would be 13 primes where you typically disregard the first one). With the missing crossing at the end of the lead-in, we still should end up with n=12 primes.

If you look at the ZP-profile, you can see that there should actually be 12 primes or do I get something wrong here?
For the (irrelevant) cobbled sprint semi-climb segment on the course (Crit City Dolphin Sprint), ZP has indeed captured 12 primes. And after each of these, there has to be one lap banner crossing, so this is pretty strange in my eyes.

Just a thought: I don’t know anything about the ZP backend, but do you maybe have some configuration set up for Bullseye regarding the first banner crossing (for the usual case) to be disregarded due to the usual lead-in crossing? If yes, you might have forgotten about it as it does not work in the usual case (where n+1 primes are usually recorded anyway).

But I don’t want to make a big deal of it as it’s a very specific issue. Just wanted to mention in case it is worth pursuing for you.

There’s only 11 primes. It’s not a settings issue.

Ok, you know what you’re doing, so I won’t steal your time with additional guesses about what is going on. Thanks for the responses and for organizing this (best of all) format!

Downtown Dolphin has always been like this (for the approx 2 years that I’ve been running this event on this route). It’s just a bit of an anomaly and I accept your point about the “lead in” but wouldn’t want it to go until the end of the second lap before anything that matters.

If something is odd, my mind can’t stop wondering what’s going on, so I found the issue (sorry for coming back to it ;)…).
Using the API, one can see the UNIX timestamps of the finishing of a prime (field msec). I used the B’s race data, which started at 00:00 CET, and the first rider crossing the line each lap, and you can clearly see that it is the first sprint that is not captured in the primes. (each lap took about 2:14–2:40 in the race and the first prime was captured after 5:27)

We will take the first round easy in Downtown Dolphin from now on, so please let me know if you change something there :wink: