Crit City Dolphin Lap Prime Issue

Hey Zwift Forum - have any race organisers had any problems with the Crit City Course and the Dolphin Lap segment.

From Pen E in this race last night a rider seems to have jumped an enitre lap ahead of the pack. Impressive that they managed to get a 2.54 minute get by banner on lap 1 (which by the way is actually lap 2 on the HUD in-game)!

Looks like another race might also have issues so I’ll post that later - but in the meantime it would be good to know if this has been seen before or is a new bug I should log with Zwift.

Something about wrong. Hollie shows as first over the line for each lap, although didn’t win the race.

You need to use lap 2+8 as the lap prime and not 1 and 7. You can see that all 16 laps are scored so you have no need to deduct the first lap.

I do wonder if it’s a visual thing on the primes tab and the backend is actually right (it normally is) for the points allocation.

Hi James - thanks for responding. It is actually laps 1 & 7 in ZP based on the comparison of the streams I’ve seen to the Primes TAB … I have a suspicion that the lap 16s are people’s cool down. I’m guessing ZP doesn’t move on to lap 1 until the HUD shows lap 2 because on lap 1 of DD you don’t cross the banner before it ticks over to lap 1 on the HUD and so you don’t complete the full lap.

Are you saying that the backend is scoring different laps to those displayed on the Primes tab?

Just as an FYI - I noticed in my pre-race on Monday that I had TWO halobot pacers out there for the lap (and a third when in the sprint segment). One which started at the banner and one which started where the pen meets the race-course. Didn’t understand that this might cause an issue with the results (and don’t know if it did)?

And in fact… would it be possible to get an extract of what is in the back-end so I can check all that through and make sure we’ve got the results all spot on elsewhere?

Zwiftpower wouldn’t report on anything outside the event parameter.

I don’t have access to the backend output.

The Holopacer will have zero impact on Zwiftpower results.

I still think that you need to use laps 2 and 8.

The first lap of Crit City, in either direction, is never recorded on ZwiftPower.

So as DRS awarded point for Laps 2 and 8 yesterday, in the Primes listing, that is what is listed as 1 and 7. While 16 in the Primes listing has captured some riders first cool down lap.

I’ve seen this before in Glasgow, Cat A here from mid race on Clyde Kicker: ZwiftPower race 3586065

It’s curious as it thinks they are minutes ahead on one part of the lap, but not at the other segment.

On reflection that appears to be correct. However I still think DRS should also award points for FTS on Lap 17.


We think we have this fixed in 1.39.

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OK - thanks for the feedback, and delighted you’re racing! But no chance on lap 17. :laughing:

So Hollie’s result is a total anomoly and not something seen before as best you know? Should we get’s Hollie’s logs and raise a ticket in case there’s something underlying that needs a fix?

And really we’ve got nothing we can do other than DQ her prime results to get the right results?

Definitely an anomaly and I don’t think logs will help.

I think her points are correct. She should have 68 for the finish and 7 for the FTS sprint.

I don’t know where you should have come in FAL for the two scored laps but I imagine they would add up to the remaining 13 points.

I’m sorry I can’t give you clear evidence.