Race result correction request - 3/24/22 Crit City Race


I would like to inform you that the Crit City Race held on 3/24/2022 (9:30PM JST) shows incorrect race result.

I thought I finshed 1st at 26:47.3 (screenshot 1), but the result shows that Y.Sakuma finished 1st with 24:21.2. (screenshot 2)

I checked the screen shot (screentshot 3) and found out that Y.Sakuma somehow had time advantage of as much as 2:39 at the start of the race!
In fact it is impossible to finish for any riders (at least for cat B level) to finish the race with 24:21.2.

So I would ask you to make changes so that I finished 1st on the race in ZwiftPower.

Noheya Monio ( My ZWIFT number is 2447945)

Hi Noheya, thanks for detailing this so well with those screenshots. After digging into this for a while, it looks like some technical issues caused the other Zwifter to start on lap 2 which is why you saw the time advantage at the very beginning. I’ve sorted out the results so you should see them refreshed on your profile the next time you log in.

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Hi Lucas - truly appreciated. Fully understood and everything is now clear to me. Once again thank you for your great support - Noheya.