Crit City Race - Fridays

Hi there,

I hope you are all well.

I used to do the Crit City Race on Fridays at 0945 and then that particular race stopped being listed.

Does anyone know who to contact to ask for it to be relisted?

Thanks all.


Hi Ian - looks like they were the Zwift HQ organised races - you could see if anyone from Zwift will respond to this thread (unlikely but possible) but would suggest you contact Zwift Support.

Alternatively, if you are aligned to any of the private clubs/race organisers, you could see if they could organise.

Thank you.

I wrote to them and they said post on the forum.

I wonder if anyone will be V able to set it up.


Ian Northcott BEM

EDIT - reply to wrong thread [deleted stuff].

Well given it was Zwift HQ that organised the race, guess they arent interested in helping you. A few race organisers frequent these forums so hopefully someone picks up on it to help you. Cheers

What time zone? And is it possible that it simply shifted by an hour due to the recent time change?

No Zwift just suggested I posted on here.

I cant see it listed anywhere on that day.

If I picked the right race in your activities, you raced on [kiwi time] 23 Oct 9:45pm

I dont follow daylight savings around the world so not sure what changes have/havent occurred but that race is still on at the same time each friday for me:

last night:

week before:

I used and Events to look for events.

It’s the daylight savings shift in each country, I guess it causes a 2hr change at certain times?

I’m in NZ too, and my ZHQ morning races are now way too late in the day.

I only really enjoy the races with anti sandbagging enabled. It’s annoying that it isn’t enabled for all races. It definitely gets rid of cheaters.

Good luck getting Zwift to respond to anything, possibly the worst customer support in the known universe.