Crit City lunchtime (UK) races

@James_Zwift / @xflintx

Have you pulled the Lunch time Crit races in Crit city due to this trial?

There is usually a 12:30 Crit city race through the week - And there seems to be nothing there today?

It wasn’t us :slight_smile:

I knew the Anti-sandbagging ones were getting withdrawn but wasn’t sure about the Crit City ones.

Can you lobby to get a replacement put in the Calendar please?

There is 1 at 1330 UK time but that is useless - They used to be fairly well attended and they were great for a 20min full out blast lunchtime.

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@Douglas_Cook has great races at either 1215 or 1230 weekdays about that sort of length if it works?

A consistent race on the same course is preferred - This week the race is in Makuri and id frankly prefer not to race on it as the profile\world is awful (IMHO of course)

As its time limited, knowing exactly what you are going to get with regards to intensity and duration is a big driver for a lunch time effort - The standard Crit city race fitted that perfectly. 20mins on the dot, flat out effort.

Is it coming back or it gone forever?

Seems an odd decision to remove something that was popular and had good attendance but the world of zwift seems to be one step forward two steps back at present.

Edit - ■■■■ if needed, give me access and il run it week to week if needed.


I think we have a lose lose situation - we have a bunch of events and we’re hurting community races, or take them off and some people are unhappy!

I know there has been some talk of adding “qualification events” for category enforcement, so you can set a benchmark if you haven’t done any race efforts.

Will try and find out when America wakes up.


Yeah, can @Lee_H and I have the keys to starting our own race series? What would we need to do to get that?
We do enough moaning / contributing on here to show our commitment.

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That seems a really strange response - Racers are part of the community, it was well attended by the community.

If races are not well attended, they are not giving people what they want - Get them to change not the stuff that works. Seems a very backwards way of doing things from Zwift HQ.

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FWIW I have no control over what races are added / removed to / from the platform. Sure, I add them, but there’s an approval process with the compete/racing team.

I’m trying to give you the best answer I can whilst that team is snoring.

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Yeah I get that, wasnt a dig, just responding to the answer you provided as part of the discussion as it seems a little nonsensical to me.

If you can ask that question, or get the right person to pop in and answer it.

If needed, me & @Michael_Sparshatt will run a 1230 crit race through the week for people ( I say people, il be doing it for mine own benefit as I get a lot out of those races.)

can i sandbag in them?

for you, of course…

its annoying i’m back in the office then and no trainer

@Lee_H yup we have a 15 minute crit every day at 12:15. Each day of the week is a different course, Makuri only on a Friday at the moment. Cat enforcement is in place as of Monday


Cheers @Douglas_Cook

It’s not quite the same, I see your race only lasted 12mins today and had 10 people in each pen.

I also don’t understand the logic for pulling a successful race series. Is it your community event the Crit city races have been pulled to better support?

I’d be flattered to think we were doing something good enough that ZHQ would pull their own races for it, it’s certainly not been done to my knowledge!

As for field size, it was about 85 total today, maybe you were going by ZP? Numbers do vary through the week though, as will race length, we aim for 15 minute average but it will vary according to cat and different course choices.

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@Ian_Attoe I think there might have been some cross purposes in the reply, we were talking about a specifc event that has gone off the calendar and the community events are things run by @Douglas_Cook rather than specific cat enforcement actions.

If you are to be the replacement for the Crit series of races (I hope this is a mistake and they are to return) id be hopefully you are amiable to making your races closer to them as they had a good turnout - B would often have 50+ riders so there is obviously an appetite for lunch time crits. Failing that me & @Michael_Sparshatt will lobby Zwift to let us put them back on.

I know you are trying to explain this decision and we can wait for the ‘american’ response but it does seem non-sensical. Im a simple boy from the Valleys so I might miss things, if there is a better explanation let me know…

Users currently have 2 race options, Option A & Option B.
Users are choosing option A over B by about 2:1 ratio possibly a little more - That to me suggests Option A is giving more people what they want.
This decision, seems to suggest that only Option B will be now available as it needs to be better attended regardless of the choice people are making.
People had the option to attend Option B from the start but choose not to.

That isnt benefitting the community in any form, well apart from Race organiser B.

Edit to add - It might be worth spinning this discussion out of the Cat enforcement thread into a Crit City race there so as not to cause more confusion? @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ

I’m not trying to replace anything, I’m not even sure what format the lunchtime crits were, but if it was just an 8 lap smash round crit city every day then it doesn’t particularly interest me. We seem to have a format that has a small but loyal turnout so I’m pretty happy with how things are working for now, I think biggest factor that might change what we do is how the format works as more people move back to office working.

It would be more the duration, 20-22mins is worth the effort and ticks more boxes 12min not so much.

I hope I’m not sounding obstructive here, I’m not against feedback but we’ve been happily doing our thing for a couple of months now so not looking to make big changes cause another organiser (ZHQ) has separately decided to change their events at a similar time. Until an hour ago I hadn’t even considered these might be a “replacement” of any kind.