Holes in the racing schedule

I really like racing early Saturday mornings but the schedule looks bare…

No races between 03:55 and 06:30 BST (and that one is climby).

I though I remembered an aim to have at least 1 race per hour - would someone kindly throw something in. There’s generally a bit more of a derth then due to the EVR Winter Series finishing (though that was 7am I think). If you’re being really nice, 6 laps on Glasgow Crit Circuit at 5:30 and then Muckle Yin or Downtown Titans at 6am would be perfect!

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We did have Monthly Racing events at 0410 and 0510 but we pulled these (ages ago) because the attendance was really poor.

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I think The 2 big races (WTRL TTT and ZRL) is tiring people out, more and more races have very little participation.

Smaller organizers are pulling their races because it is a lot of work for a few people attending.

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Plus the Saturday Tiny Races are super-popular too, especially in the A-C pens, as they usually have time to take more than a few breaths before it’s time to go again.

Fairy nuff I guess I can do a group ride and pretend it’s a race…

Is that the only period in the week with a 4 hr gap between. Zracing?

It’s not just races though, these events are pulling people away from all community events on Zwift.

WTRL and ZRL are just getting too big.

Neither have grown AFAIK

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Yeah, otherwise the longest gap is generally 2 hours (in Zracing)

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