Category Enforcement Test Events - 21-28 Feb 2022

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While far from ideal if people change weights to get to their cat that actually has very little impact on if a race is fair and sandbagger free.

As long as a riders power is consistent and they enter the correct category as per that power/kg (even if complete bs compared to them irl) it should still result in a good race for all.

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I am loving all the comments from people who have been at the sharp end of one category complaining about how they are now not competitive in their new higher category and they don’t like it. Welcome to the world of about 80% of Zwift racers - glad to see you join us finally!

I’m not a super regular racer admittedly, but I do take part in WTRL/ZRL and since being promoted to C about two years ago, I have finished in the lead group of C precisely ONCE and that was just a few weeks back (London Classique). Even then I was hanging on for dear life on the final two laps and finished 28th (the lead group was 34 strong) as I had nothing left in the tank to sprint with.

That was the exception to the rule; most of the rest of the time I’m probably in the third group on the road at best or hanging off the back as a solo rider. And yet despite this I still love to race and push myself and try to improve - I have no chance of winning and that’s okay.

I only wish they’d brought in this category enforcement when I was back in D. Yes it was nice to see all the little trophies next to my name in ZwiftPower, but it was tempered by the fact that I was actually crossing the line in 31st and only finding out I’d “won” an hour later once all the DQ’s had happened.

Ok, I understand what you mean, so they are actually only cheating themselves.

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@James_Zwift @xflintx

Survey completed. It would be good to have it built in the platform I think, so riders can access it easy instead of through the Forums. Just a thought, please don’t take it as a whinge.

If I could add my experience from tonight’s AEDT 7pm Three laps of the Village Loop Event for C Grade.
I’m 62 kg and struggle on hilly / flat races and finish mid pack at best even with less the 15 riders, larger groups it’s been worse.
Tonight was brilliant, of the 14 entered, 10 led the charge for an hour swapping turns, and having little digs here and there, with nothing getting away. It all came down to the sprint (which I have not often been in a position to take part). We were whittled down to seven and the winner was on 2 seconds ahead of seventh (me). It was blissful not to have ‘sandbaggers’ stretching everyone and riders eventually blowing up or pulling out of the race.
Going into this I was pretty anxious about my ability. But the whole experience was wonderful. I don’t care that I didn’t get on the podium, just to race at the front with an evenly matched group, I came away pumped. If this new categorisation is adopted I will happily race in flat and hilly events and not just climbing races.
I take onboard that being moved up a Cat when on the cusp is disheartening, but I hope that if that is the case, you’ll at least share the race with others similar and get in a great workout.
The winner of the event streamed it on youtube apparently.
Ride on everyone, take care. Be grateful for your health and not being in a warzone.


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I do know that @James_Zwift’s Herd Winter Racing Series is an “all-cats start together” race which now has Cat Enforcement. Those races have always been everyone sees everyone so you’re more than likely going to be riding with a group rather than solo once the dust clears.

EDITED to add: Sorry, no it doesn’t (see below). But HWR is, by all accounts, very good for the all-cats start together experience


It doesn’t.

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I raced the 9pm Eastern Cat Enforcement race as a C last night - one lap Richmond UCI, well won by @Marko_TeamVegan. I don’t race as much as some but I do have race experience and am most definitely a mid-C racer. All in all I enjoyed it a lot and Cat Enforcement worked really well, at least for me in our race.

Small field of 25, initial start wasn’t as balls-to-the-wall as usual and calmed down much quicker than normal. Once things settled we were a group of about 18 around the Fan Flats. Whether it was double-draft or not I found it much easier to hang in than in a regular C race. As usual the race exploded up Libby Hill and I came off the hill in a loose “2nd group”.

Consistent with my YOLO race tactics I decided that I’d go full gas up 23rd Street which ended up with me blowing a gasket on the Governor St climb to the finish (because my crappy 1-2 minute power is also coupled with a distinct inability to recover) and coming in 12th.

So typical mid-pack finish. However, I never felt like I was where I was because the front of the race was either riding at Z2/3 or because they were putting out 1 W/kg more than me. And it was nice to have the ability to try something stupid mid-race rather than it be a matter of survival at that point!

Credit where credit is due for Cat Enforcement and I, for one, am looking forward to more of these races.


Oops… I thought it was Stampede, Bullseye and HWR… :smiling_face: Which is the third?

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Would be nice to bee able to see in an all cats start together event in which position you are in your category, as well in total (during the race).

It’s an E only race. That’s kinda Cat Enforcement in a different way.


Mountain Goats :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t it make sense to have cat enforcement noted in the description of these events, and not just in a hidden tag which you won’t see if you look for events on Zaift Companion?

I might be looking at the wrong events, but I can’t see anything in their descriptions. Isn’t this going to lead to confusion?

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Don’t really see why I or anyone else should bother with any more of these tests. It’s rendered completely pointless by the huge gaping flaw in the game discussed elsewhere. The enforcement of an assigned category functionally works, that’s all we need to know and that was established after one race.

But who cares if everyone is now placed in the ‘right’ category, when it’s so easy to cheat anyway? Additionally why exactly should I help the company when the community I’m part of is treated with such disdain?

Just a massive mess, and a massive shame.


Edit IT illiterate skills and mispost

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James Bailey

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by community racing so I have to be careful what I am about to say for fear of upsetting a Club or League event which forum riders may wish to support.

I have seen comments from Lee and agree with his first comment that your reply seems contra to what this forum thread is trying to achieve. I also definitely agree with his later post that the vast number of posts are never directed personally at you I believe they are directed at Zwift Senior Management.

Within your post I read “we’re hurting community races”. Now I don’t know exactly what you mean by that and I may be way out of line but I read that as saying " The sandbaggers don’t have any honest racing cannon fodder to beat and they are getting fed up, please come back and let them beat you"

Now I don’t know what the recent race numbers are in these community race are but if they are dropping doesn’t that suggest two things:

  1. Honest racers prefer the Pen Enforcement races they can enter now and see fast approaching.
  2. Non ZwiftPower registered racers are more likely to sign up to ZwiftPower if that becomes their best way of getting good, honest, competitive, fair well attended races. Something I believe Zwift is actively encouraging.

Your current short term Lose Lose situation may eventually turn into a Win Win situation for all honest ZwiftPower racers, although not so pleasant for everyone now. ( I absolutely do not want to spoil anything right now for anyone doing their best for their Club and League events)

Zwift is big business and I assume intends to gain users not lose them. I assume Zwift has long term plans in place to reduce the likelihood of losing users. So a parting question in which I would be keen to hear an answer from Zwift Hierarchy.

Will race pen enforcement be the only option for all races in the future?

Many apologies if this question has been asked and answered

If it’s okay with you I’m going to continue supporting Flint to try and get our category enforcement events as good as they possibly can be regardless of what may/may not be spoken of elsewhere.


It’s optional. There are specific events (WTRL TTT, ZHR Masters, etc) that rely on this being turned off.

I think I went a bit OTT on that point. What I was trying to say is that Zwift sanctioned events are likely to pull attendance away from some community events and by removing (assuming we have) some Zwift Crit City races, this will free up the attendance to compete in Community events.

When I say Community Events I’m referring to ones organised by members of our community, rather than us or our marketing partners / federations.

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