Category Enforcement Chase Race

I missed out on the initial Cat Enforcement races in the last weeks, where I seem to remember riders were asked for feedback on the new categorisation system. I did the ‘Chase Race with Category Enforcement’ yesterday - was this event a similar ‘test’ event? If so how do I give feedback? I seem to recall there was a form to fill in the initial events.

If it wasn’t a test event, do we take it to mean this new Cat Enforcement is being rolled out more widely now?

A select few race organisers are using the in-progress ZwiftHQ category enforcement secret formula for their events, one place to filter such events is Events

More info in this forum’s “Futureworks” section.

Thanks Steve. So, no rider feedback is being requested in these?

As far as I’m aware, from now on we simply put feedback on threads such as…

Hi John - Be grateful if you could fill in this survey, if you haven’t done so already:

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