Am i correct in my self Category Enforcement assessment?

Next week our Zwift Club organize a league event during 15 consecutive days of racing #tourdehisp (The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App). I was very excited because I think I am a competitive C racer with some medal options (there are real medals).

Category Enforcement is active for this tour. It is a great decision and category enforcement is something we have been needing it since 2015. Thank you Zwift!

Algorithm set me as B racer (sad face) and i am trying to understand the calculations involved in this.

Together with the PDF about CE, i guess this is the updated official information from Zwift:

Did my MAP surpassed this value?

MAP is 4.29 w/kg for 2m14s

Sorry for this data being in Spanish, i tried to set the locale from to english without success.

I don’t even understand what MAP is, but is this value the sole reason for being promoted to B? Or there are more values that i surpassed?

It would be a bit of a comedown if I missed out the fun of enjoying my club’s epic tour in my category. But I do understand it and you guys are doing the best for improving Racing in Zwift. Until a ranking system is implemented this is going to keep happening. I really miss the defunct Cyclig virtual ranking format (CVR).

pretty much that 2m14s effort has bumped you into B cat, auto cat doesn’t take ftp into account, its purely the power curve that you have max values on during race/free rides/workouts

might also want to to set to show 60 days worth of data rather than the last 42 (which it uses by default)


Hi Juanjo,

We have your estimated CP set to 254w, giving you 3.215 and placing you in B.

I think it is due to this dip in your Power Curve - where it feels you could have held that effort for longer as it’s looking for a smooth curve,

Nothing to do with your 2 minute power.


Thank you for the clarification James. Now i am even more confused :rofl: Those dips in the power may be more related to lenght in minutes of the usual Zwift racing courses (and climbs). Those exact 12 minutes may be related with Titan’s Grove climb length when i peaked in watts trying to chase some B’s (then you can rest in the downhill).

Please keep the momentum in the improvement of the zwift racing and draft dinamics to allow breaking the peloton and getting away from the group more easy.

I’ll do my best as a B! :snail: :turtle: :sloth:

While the precise details of the calc are hard to follow it’s worth noting also that you’ve done as much as 53 mins at 253W. Of course aerobic power doesn’t really mean much in zwift racing but that’s what we have right now (and, I suspect, for some time into the future).

Please JamesA, take in consideration that i didn’t hold constant 253w for 53 minutes. I think you are refering to a TTT where i was pushing and resting, pushing and resting in coordination with my team mates. The calculated average was 253w but for a 1hour and 30 minutes race.

You can check the power surges.

This is the watts graph for the last MAAP stage 2 that i averaged 236w and i was on TT pushing like there is no tomorrow. Maybe with pushing even more o would have averaged 250w but not easily.

the average isn’t calculated. that was your average. you did 253 for 53mins. a bunch of trainerroad podcast fans and triathletes will probably argue with me about this but if your interests lie in sprinting then it isn’t that unusual for people for people to have a steady state TTE way below what they can hit with over/unders

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