Crit City lunchtime (UK) races

I don’t think they are. There’s a bigger project to clean up the racing calendar and this might be part of it. All speculation on my part at the moment though.

It’s a bit unfair to be criticising Douglas’s races here. It wasn’t his decision to remove the ZHQ races.

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I haven’t criticised his races, I asked if he was amiable to making a change based on the comment that the ZHQ races were pulled to support community events at the same time.
The only community event that is close to that race is Douglas race.

Pointing out that one is better attended than another is a simple fact, its not a criticism.

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Thanks, I think the initial criticism is now just feedback since I’ve pointed out that inclusion of our races and removal of ZHQ are separate things.

Sorry, I didn’t put that very well. What I meant was that I’m not sure asking him to make a major change to his already-existing races is very fair either.

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I aim to rotate course choice in the middle of the month and I do think some of the choices in the current schedule are a wee bit short, but I am unlikely to aim for 20 minutes + as an average, as that ends up being much longer for lower cats, so becomes harder to fit into a short lunch break, which is part of our idea (and it seems to be working). I’m also fairly fixed on mixed cat starts, which is something we do in most of our events, so we need to find a course distance that averages out at 15 minutes or so for all.

I think that the anti-sandbagging crits were 8/10 laps for A, 8 laps for B, 6 for C and D but could be very well remembering them wrongly

Kind of, I dont see it as a major change - Plus, im trying to say, there is a race series that gets probably double his attendance that appears to have just been pulled, his races could improve their appeal to those now looking for a lunch time race if they moved a little closer to what was on offer. the suggestion was bounce it out from 12 (15min) to the 20min mark which isnt a great shakeout in the grand scheme of things…
In there somewhere, is the opportunity to broaden the people attending his races, but the feedback seems to be, id rather not - Which then goes back to the original point about supporting the wider community. Why pull a race that was well attended if the replacement only wants to support a narrow view of it…

I honestly think these 2 things are entirely unrelated, and if they are not then I am entirely oblivious to it.

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Douglas’s races aren’t the replacment though. This is where I feel you’re being unfair. It’s not his fault that Zwift pulled the ZHQ races and his happened to be on at the same time.

I get where you’re coming from. I wouldn’t be happy if a regular event that I loved was suddenly removed. But I think you should be addressing your concerns to ZHQ.

Those 2 posts are the reason why they got linked. I was after a reason why the Crit city races had been pulled and your races got brought into as an alternative.

Yeah, I get why I’ve been dragged into it in the last hour, but I don’t think one has actively replaced the other, they are just being suggested as an option in the absence of the ones that are no longer there.

@James_Zwift involved you and tagged you… Its not you, but your races series that has come in as part of the discussion. He could have just linked the race and you would be none the wiser.

Fundamentally, I think there is a huge gulf between those in Zwift HQ and those who use the platform which seems to be widening all the time but hey ho…

On the other hand, James has promoted a community run event, rather than just thinking that ZHQ should be the ones to fulfil every need on the calendar. So from my perspective as an organiser I am pleased to have support of HQ, even if I am surprised at the mild controversy it’s caused. Maybe we’ll get a few newbies on Monday as a result.

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Sorry Lee, I’m not getting what I have or haven’t done?

I just mentioned an event that I knew happened around the same sort of time because I thought it might have been helpful to you.

Nothing sinister or anything like that :slight_smile:

Your comments quoted above are what led us down this path…

Fair enough - Are we just confusing each other?

Genuinely wanted you to be able to have a good thrash at lunchtime and knew that Douglas had a race on at the same time.

I wasn’t (and still am not) trying to say that his races were a replacement of the Crit City ones around the same time, just that they existed.

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fwiw, this whole crit race topic is way OT to this thread about cat enforcement events.


Potentially - I took it as you were suggestion they would be the winner from less ZHQ races which limits choice for the end user to a different type of race.

There was probably no need to include Douglas in this conversation from the outset.

Right, back to the Crit City races… Can we find out why they are no longer on the Calendar and if they will be returned?
Failing that, how do we go about the process of putting them back ourselves.

Yes this is off topic, I did ask it it could be spun out into its own thread.

Pot kettle :slight_smile:

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ @Daren can you help me out here please? Can we strip out the Crit City conversation.

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