Powerbeam Pro- how to adjust resistance?

(Carey Archer) #1

When I am in ride-mode (as opposed to training mode), and I am on level road or going downhill, I have to pedal at 100 RPM in my highest gear to hit 200W.  Is there a way to adjust my Powerbeam Pro so that there is a bit more resistance when it it as it’s lowest setting?  This is super irritating because I should be able to crank out more watts on level ground without having to pedal at 150 RPM.


(Tena Heffernan_Z57+) #2

I have a powerbeam pro and don’t have this problem.  I would check your back tire air pressure and also make sure the wheel is tight against the spinner thing (don’t know the proper name).  Turn the yellow knob until it clicks.

(Deborah Ungerleider) #3

Is your Powerbeam Pro using Bluetooth or Ant? They still don’t have the resistance working for Bluetooth. You can use the trainer, but it just syncs as a Power meter for now. Hopefully they’ll figure out how to get the resistance working with the Bluetooth PowerBeam Pro’s soon.