Won't let me go over 700ish watts in a sprint

(Toby Trotman Ldn Dyn) #1

I wonder if someone has a quick answer for this issue…
I use a Bkool Smart Pro trainer but my power and cadence is from a Stages left crank.
Whenever I try to sprint I get to about 700watts and the resistance of the trainer increases so much that I can’t go higher than this. This happens on flat roads.
In the real world I’d get over 1,000 watts so it’s not my legs!
I have the real world/feel settings set very low so I don’t really know why this is happening.
Thanks for any help!

(Gerrie Delport) #2

I don’t think I understand but let me try.

I would think if your trainer increase resistance then you will be able to put down more power not less, if it is to much power you could down shift a gear or to and increase cadence.

(Toby Trotman Ldn Dyn) #3

Hi Gerrie
The resistance is so strong that I almost grind to a halt and have to shift down as you say…
I don’t think it should be this strong

(Paul Graham) #4

What is your cadence at 700w @Toby_Trotman_LDN_DYN?

(Toby Trotman Ldn Dyn) #5

I’d be doing over 100 I think

(Vincent W.) #6

Hey Toby, if you’re still having this issue have you tried Zwifting with your Bkool paired to power and controllable? Is there a stark difference?

(Toby Trotman Ldn Dyn) #7

I’ll try that Vincent. The problem with the Bkool is the erratic and rather high power readings it sometimes puts out. I wish I was as strong as it thinks I am!

(Paul Graham) #8

Do you get an FE-C option on the pairing screen @Toby_Trotman_LDN_DYN?