watts seem low when sprinting

(Daniel Salmon) #1

hi, when i go to sprint i don’t seem to achieve anymore than around 400w now I’m no pro so I’m not expecting ridiculous numbers however i would of thought being an ex bmx racer i would of been able to manage more than this. i was wondering if it could be anything to do with the tension on my trainer? i have the elite muin turbo and only using z power 

thanks for any help in advance 


(Justin Stevenson) #2

Hi the limit appears to be in place for non-smart trainers (virtual Power). Its to try and stop the game being abused and someone taking all the KOM’s etc without actually being able to put out that power. I think its only for non supported or genric trainers. If you find your specific trainer it should do better as the power curve should be mapped within the game. Best of luck, J

(Justin Stevenson) #3

see more detail here on the cap on power to 400 w, https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/204430069-I-don-t-have-the-right-equipment-What-else-can-I-do-

(Daniel Salmon) #4

Thanks Justin I have already found my correct trainer from list so this isn’t the issue. Maybe I need to get power meter? Also do you know much about resistance on elite muin trainer and if it can be changed perhaps ? 

Thanks for your input